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Laser treatments cannot be done if the client has a false tan or residue of false/natural tan on the area on the day of treatment. Do not exfoliate 홈타이 the area being treated 2 days before and after your laser treatment. Shaving or cutting the hair is the only method of hair removal.

More and more men opt for waxing treatments to remove unwanted or excessive hair. Perhaps you’d feel more comfortable or more attractive with less hair? Or maybe you want to be more streamline for your sports activities? Whatever the reason and whichever body area, we are specialists in male waxing. These heatless pre-made wax strips don’t even need you to rub them in your palms first. Simply peel, stick and pull in the direction against the hair growth and – voila!

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The first payment is taken when the order is processed and the remaining 2 are automatically taken every 30 days. You can choose electronic or postal delivery for your voucher in the next step. If you – reading this now – do have pubic lice, congratulations!

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The experts at CoLaz give you the best advice if waxing can be a durable and plausible solution to your hairy problems. Just because we have a reputation for perfection, it does not mean that we are going to charge you a fortune for it. It is common sense that clients choosing wax hair removal overLaser hair removalshould be paying a very reasonable amount. This is why CoLaz offers the best Female and Male Waxing in London.

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After waxing we soothe your skin with a healing lotion, and finish with a nourishing cream. We use only the best waxing products available and all treatments include pre-wax and after-wax lotion. We recommend you consult your physician before treatment if you suffer from any of the above conditions. Bikini Waxing is used to remove unwanted hair that would be visible around the bottom of a bikini or swimming costume. At Sparx we are experts in the use of laser technology for beauty & aesthetics treatments, and Penny was one of the first people in the UK to be trained in this specialist field. In our Winchester clinic we use the UK’s number 1 Laser and IPL machine, the Lynton Lumina.

Whether you’re choosing a facial, body, or intimate hair removal, our trained beauty therapists turn the mundane and boring into the ultimate luxury treat. Laser, termed ‘hair reduction’ uses a laser to reduce the hair growth but does not remove all the hair permanently and is generally used to treat large areas of the body. Certain hair types are not suitable for laser eg, fair, blonde, red or grey hair and those who are on certain medications or are tanned.

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We specialise in intimate waxing for women and men using hot wax (non-strip) for all intimate waxing. Our hot wax and film wax treatments are recommended for sensitive skin. A Brazilian wax is where all hair is removed from the labia, perineum and anus, or to put it another way from your undercarriage and behind! This is usually a strip of hair (i.e. a rectangular shape) but some customers prefer a triangle. At nkd, we measure landing strips in terms of finger widths and will always ask you how wide you would like the strip before we start to remove the hair from around it.

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You’ll be pleased to know that it’s still safe to maintain your usual waxing routine. A lot of people like the idea of being hair free for 2-3 weeks but are put off by some of the hair-removal horror stories they’ve read about. If you decide you want to go the waxing route this season, you’ve probably heard a lot of myths about getting it done. If you’re second-guessing your wax-appointment post-Google search, the good news is that not everything you’ve read is necessarily is true. Whether you let it grow, trim it down or remove it all, what you do with your body hair is a personal choice and anything goes.

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The removal of the hair on the leg area from the ankle to the mid-thigh. The removal of the hair on the leg area from the ankle to the knee. The removal of all the hair within the pelvic area, both front and back, leaving the area completely hair-free and smooth. This system is slightly more painless than Hot Wax, which is mainly for Intimate areas, but with a good Therapist like we have at Sole Beauty, you will not feel a huge deal of pain. Choose from our waxing menu and enjoy the benefits of waxing in your own home.

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Waxing using Australian tea tree products that are well-known for their antiseptic, healing and soothing properties. Waxing deters hair growth and helps prevention of in-growing hair. All hair is removed from the top, sides and all the way under and we can even remove unwanted hair from around your bum if you want! Again, the shape is completely up to you, with the classic being The Landing Strip, but The Bermuda Triangle is another popular option. If you do want to sculpt the area to some degree, however, you might want to learn how to wax your bikini line at home. While you can of course head to a salon, if you choose, there’s no doubt that it’s less hassle – and less expense – to nail an at-home bikini wax.

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The removal of all hair in the pelvic area, both front and back, leaving only a thin vertical strip of hair of a shape of your choice using harley hot wax as standard. An extended or higher bikini wax, leaving a smaller amount of hair where the bikini would cover using harley hot wax only as standard. A professional waxing treatment will not result in nicks or cuts, or any type of skin damage. If you’re particularly prone to ingrown hairs then let your beautician know, and also make sure you exfoliate and moisturise well, two days after the wax. The corner of the wax is then lifted up and the wax is pulled directly off the skin.

The therapists are fully trained to ensure that your wax appointment is as pain-free and comfortable as possible. Wax is available with the option of hot wax and strip wax, depending on the treated section and the amount of hair to remove. Hot wax works best for sensitive skin, while strip wax is better tailored towards large areas. FUR is one such example – it has created a line of products that works with, not against hair.

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All of our therapists are highly experienced so you would be in good hands. We are extremely strict with hygiene in our salon, for every application of either warm or peel-able wax we use a clean spatula on the intimate area. You would probably want something in between we call this G-String wax. If you were to book in for a Brazilian we would want you to feel confident in asking the therapist how you like the shape of your Bikini line – we are always happy to adapt. We offer a choice of Peelable and Warm wax for our intimate waxing. We offer all the services you have mentioned above, but if there is any particular area you were hoping to get waxed that hasn’t been mentioned, please do get in touch and let us know!

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Treatments are performed in a separate beauty room, offering customers privacy and comfort. Pawan also offers free consultations with every treatment to address any concerns and ensure you get the right finish. The salon is easily accessible for wheelchairs and there’s free 1-hour parking at Aldi. Robs and Bebs Salon has everything you need for the ultimate beauty experience.


A quick tidy to remove any hairs that would be on show if you wore a pair of bikini bottoms. Waxing is a quick, clean and hygienic form of long lasting hair removal. ’m not proud of this story but I’m going to tell you anyway because it was a scarring teenage moment I’ve never forgotten. It was 18 years ago, when I was an 18-year-old backpacker, lying in a Bangkok waxing parlour next to my two best friends. It wasn’t glamorous, this salon; beds were lined up beside one another as if in a hospital ward, and they sieved the hot wax afterwards in order to re-use it. If you only want a small amount of public hair left but don’t want to be completely bare then the French Wax is perfect for you.

We offer a wide range of services, so you can find the perfect one for your needs. In time we may be able to catch up with this growth cycle with regular appointments every 4-6weeks. Years of experience, premium wax, and a superior technique allow for a quick waxing, so you can go about your day uninterrupted. Over the years, I have gained experience working with luxury and deep facial cleanser and also use best and safest products to your piece of mind.

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Gone are the days of beautification being seen as something only for women and femmes. Recently, there has been an increased interest in male grooming practices, male perception of these habits and male treatments. C&S provide high quality training courses to give you the best start. We also have a range of courses for the experienced professional to enhance their skills. “Some people like to lie down, but you should always try to stand where possible whilst you are shaving – not only is it easier to see what you are doing, it is a more natural position for the skin.” From skincare sets to eco-friendly kits – we’ve got a gift set for everyone!

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If you choose to wear your own knickers we cannot assume responsibility for any oil or wax splashed onto the fabric. Beautiful, Nails, Body & Soul is a modern, friendly salon providing beauty therapy and offering professional treatments to both men and women at competitive prices. We have nail technicians with up to 15 years experience and create some of the best eye lash extensions you have ever seen!! All of our treatments are carried out by fully trained professionals, with relevant members of staff also being medically trained.

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You can start earning by offering treatments to paying clients as soon as you have obtained your insurance. Choose Payl8r at checkout and have a decision in minutes. The interest rate, credit limit and payment plan you’re offered will be based on a credit check.

The Laser is attracted to the pigment in the hair and these hair colours do not produce any pigment so will not be effective. Carleigh warned me my arm wax would make my arms feel slightly numb as a lot of our sensation comes from the hairs being brushed against or touched, and she was right. Nor do I need my nearly hairless fingers, tummy or back waxed.


Ingrown hairs form when a hair cannot ‘escape’ through the follicle wall, and it often results in a pimple like bump that can feel painful and looks irritated. Fortunately in some instances, the hair will just find its way out naturally and fall out as its cycle comes to an end. If you find you have a bump that looks red and sore that may begin to fester, then our therapist’s advice is to gently exfoliate during a warm to hot bath or shower.

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So, if you have sensitive skin with soft hair of around 1-2mm, this may be the one for you. The strips could also make for a great – and much cheaper – alternative to dermaplaning . We have to admit that the ‘no pain, no gain’ saying held true with these strips, resulting in a few more “ouches” than some of the others on test. But that’s all to be expected when waxing larger areas, and the pain subsides within seconds, just like ripping off a plaster.

This wax kit says to heat it up in the microwave for four minutes at 900W, but after just two minutes, we had a volcanic eruption in the microwave, which was less than ideal , so do heat up with caution. Even without lava-type results, the sugar can get incredibly hot, so please take extra care to test the heat on your fingertips before going anywhere near your more sensitive bits. Veet is one of the most famous hair removal brands on the market, and for many of us, it was probably the first foray into home waxing.

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New ingredients make this particular wax even more pliable and less likely to stick to the skin, ensuring a far less painful experience with no lasting discomfort. This is our chosen waxing technique for all intimate and sensitive areas. Sam was trained to use this method in South Africa in 1989 and has been using it ever since, that is more than 30 years of waxing experience.

From the moment you enter the salon, Sam makes you feel at home and during your appointments, adapts the treatment to meet your individual needs and taste. Beauty by Sam is a warm, welcoming and professional beauty salon in Erdington, Birmingham. Whether you’re in need of waxing, manicures, pedicures, eyelash extensions, tinting, threading or a spray tan, this salon has exactly what you need to look polished and ready for the weekend. Aalya is friendly, professional and with her strict ‘no judgment policy’ she always ensures that her clients feel safe and comfortable from the moment they walk through her doors to when they leave. Nails and the City, located in the Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham, provide an extensive list of manicures, pedicures, nail extensions and beauty treatments.

Hair grows back slower and finer, keeping you smoother for longer. Hair epilation is the removal of the entire hair and will eventually grow back. For something more permanent, electrolysis is the only permanent solution but is an ongoing process and not instantaneous. If you do not want to print on plastic please choose round corner UV Gloss 14pt -18pt.

– The removal of all the hair within the pelvic area, both front and back, leaving the area completely hair-free and smooth. Complimentary consultations are available for all our treatments. Offering discrete, confidential and professional waxing for all.

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Some redness and sensitivity can occur following your treatment, however, if you follow our aftercare advice, then these usually subside very quickly. In order to wax, you must grow your hair out to around 4cm on the legs, bikini line and underarms , which can be a nuisance in summer months. However, the main downside to waxing is the pain that can come with it – you are ripping out large amounts of hair after all – and the risk of ingrown hairs if not properly cared for. First up, it comes with a detailed instruction booklet , three different-sized heatless waxing strips and post-wax cloths. Although it isn’t recommended to be used for a fully bald Brazilian wax, you can tailor the hair removal to suit your needs, thanks to the different wax strips. To ensure the treatments are as comfortable and efficient as can be only hot wax is used in Hollywood/Brazilian, under arms and depending on the skin type on the face as well.


Located in the heart of Birmingham, Hush Hair and Beauty offer a variety of services including laser hair removal, brow or lash tinting, and waxing services to leave you feeling like new. With a strong focus on customer satisfaction, you can be sure to leave feeling pampered. Whichever type of waxing treatment you decide to have, it will take an average of 4 weeks for your hair to re-grow. The cycle will then begin again unless you choose a more permanent solution such as pain-free laser hair removal.

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Post-wax cloths are included to remove excess residue and soothe the skin. At only £3, these wax strips are a great first buy into facial waxing. And, working on both thin and thicker hairs, they can also be used on underarm or bikini-line tufts, too. As the melted pearl beads harden quickly once on the skin, we found this kit one of the least-messy options of the lot, with not so much as a spec of sticky residue left on the body. Plus, if you do spot a few rogue hairs still there, it’s easy to go back over them to get them out.