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All Gateway tutors hold a professional teacher training qualification and have also been a therapist for many years as well as a trainer, so you know you are in good hands. The tutor will also confirm your booking by email, giving you all the information you need for them and the full details for the venue and directions and final balance payment information. You know when you book with us you are booking with a company that has over 20 years’ experience teaching thousands of students and we have passionate and caring tutors you can trust. If you feel one day is not enough training, you are able to come back to repeat the course again free within 6 months when spaces are available with the same tutor. Many other companies offer similar courses but have much larger classes therefore it has to be taught over a longer period of time.

Please note we are open to respond to E-mails from Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm, excluding bank holidays. Our team members are accomplished, qualified, friendly and approachable therapists, each with a passion for working within their field. In order to accommodate these changes, stagger appointments and to source PPE we may not keep to our regular schedule hours and it will be one therapist and one client at a time in the clinic space. The massage tables, chairs and pillows have always been wiped down with disinfectant after each client and we will continue to do so. Once you are let into the clinic you will have disinfect for your hands and we will take your temperature with a touch-less thermometer. I have been using Mr Jarecs’s therapy for more than 10years and would recommend it to all my friends.


You will receive a practitioner certificate, which will allow you to obtain insurance, and to practise. Lomi Lomi is Shamanic Bodywork and is offered as post-graduate in depth training to Therapists who are interested in the healing arts and transforming power of the Hawaiian tradition. I should have a hard job to recommend her highly enough, especially to anyone who, for whatever reasons, finds themselves oppressed by those cruelties of life that we all at times must suffer. Massage group bookings are our speciality and we have designed a number of value massage packages especially for a larger number of guests. After the actual restriction will be over we will have an “Corporate Massage” page to find out more about your options and how you can organise a great day of pampering that everyone will remember.

Osphere she perfectly creates along with the massage itself made me feel like I was floating on the ocean. I would absolutely recommend this experience to anyone and I will certainly return. Deluxe Massage offers mobile massage in London delivered right to your door.

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Tension leads to resistance which blocks the movement of energy within the body, this in turn affects the blood and lymph circulation and the elimination of wastes and toxins. Hawaiian lomi lomi massage helps to release these energy blocks and facilitates healing. Lomi Lomi massage shares some similarities with Swedish massage as both treatments make use of long, firm strokes that move out from the heart. The difference is that Lomilomi massage therapists also use their forearms and elbows to manipulate the tissues and Swedish massage does not have the same spiritual connotations as Lomi Lomi massage. This one day accredited diploma course for existing therapists only with a level 3 in full body massage. He can transform your state from very stressed to completely relaxed with an hour and works with deep tissue massage and pressure points to unlock all muscle tension.

Covering the whole of London, The Massage Rooms is a mobile massage service aiming to deliver a relaxing, effective experience from the comfort of your own home. Steve will open up to and invite the aloha spirit – with the intention to infuse the Lomi Lomi Massage session with love, care, compassion, healing and beauty. Magdalena works with the brands Spa Find, Spa Magik, Buddha Beauty and Scandinavian Green for her massages, facial and microdermabrasion, weight loss, spray tan and spa treatment work. Magdalena Kupiec runs Lomi Lomi Massage and Spa, in Plymouth’s Cornwall Street, and said vegans should check out that all massage-related products are cruelty free before they let a massage therapist lay on a finger. Search our listings to find a suitable service provider for incall or outcall (home/hotel) massage.

The Hawaiian lomi lomi massage can also be referred to as Kahuna bodywork. This massage is traditionally from Hawaii & encompasses the Hawaiian philosophy of Huna. Think of it as the Hawaiian equivalent to Chi in Traditional Chinese Medicine or Prana in Ayurevda. When you are out of balance the effects can be felt physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually. Lomi Lomi massage helps to stimulate the energy flow and restore good health and vitality.

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Raynor Massage is a unique bodywork treatment designed by Brandon Raynor. Its origins are mainly from Eastern forms of massage such as Ayurvedic Massage, Shiatsu, Deep Tissue Massage, Lomi Lomi, 스웨디시 Swedish Massage, Sports Massage, Reflexology, Eastern Chiropractic work and breathwork. This is a gentle wave like massage originating from Polynesian Shamans that came to settle in Hawaii.

It leads you to accept the body that you have, to enjoy being in your body, and to experience what it feels like to be held. The experience of being loved and massaged with true compassion can be profoundly healing and creates a feeling of safety and welcome, a coming home if you like, to your own self. My experience of having a four handed Lomi Lomi massage was amazing. It is something I have never experienced before, the love and care that you feel as well as a unique and beautiful massage. At the end I just wanted to stay in this loving, peaceful Zone. Lomi Lomi is offered as a ceremonial massage from either 1, 2, 3 or 4 Lomi practitioners.

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The result is a healing methodology which brings balance, restoration and peace to your body. We recommend a minimum treatment duration of 90 minutes but 120 minutes is the most ideal. Whilst technique is of course important, one of the key aims of Lomi Lomi massage is offering spiritual love to the body, using intuition so the treatment is just right for you. We have stayed at Bay Tree Guest House 3 times in the last 3 years.

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She prides herself on the quality of her two-hour treatments which cover everything from exfoliating to magnesium masks. “People are just starting to realise that if they are becoming vegetarian or vegan its not only about diet but your whole lifestyle. “They are vegan friendly, gluten free, cruelty free and all natural products. The Shepherd’s hut is always warm and this is especially true during Lomi Lomi massage. The heating is turned up and oil is warmed to ensure you are comfortable.


We are guided by the body’s voice, and intuitively move in a flow of dance-like movements or stay still when needed. Anett graduated as a medical massage therapist in 2012 and was drawn to therapeutic massage after discovering the connection between body awareness and enhanced wellbeing through her yoga practice. She draws upon many different massage and beauty techniques to offer a multifaceted approach that can be adapted to each individual’s needs. Both the receiving and giving of a Lomi Lomi ritual is a deeply meditative practice. Lomi is a way of touching the mind through the experience of the body.

Elmwood Hotel and Strand Continentalare popular economy hotels with good ratings. Based on hotel prices on Trip.com, the average cost per night on the weekend for hotels in London is GBP 1,828. Hotel rates change often; this price is for reference only. Based on hotel prices on Trip.com, the average cost per night for hotels in London is GBP 2,717. Whether you’re going on a honeymoon or a vacation with your partner,London Lewisham, Bedford Hotel and London Archwayare some of the top hotels chosen by couples. It is also very convenient to buy an English breakfast on the opposite side.

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We were in London to see the Tutankhamun exhibition so we wanted somewhere to stay near the saatchi gallery. This place looked great online and lived up to all expectations on arrival. We were arriving early in the morning and leaving in the late afternoon the following day so I had asked about check-in / out amendments at booking time. I received a message shortly after advising staff would try their best to accommodate us but I didn’t hold out much hope I knew they were busy at this time. To our surprise when we arrived at 11 our room was waiting for us checkin was quick and easy and the room was lovely, very clean and to a high standard. To say Harrods is a stones throw away would be an understatement the apartments would be perfect for any shopaholic there are hundreds of gorgeous shops in the area as well as lovely places to eat etc.

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Yes we do offer discounts for products you can use after your course – We have teamed up with some excellent companies to offer really good discounts to our students. There are no written exams for our one day courses, only a practical assessment by the tutor as you work during the day. The guidance you receive from your tutor will allow you to easily grasp your new skill. You do not need to take anything with you to a class – all massage & beauty couches, chairs, towels and equipment are all provided.


A traditional Hawaiian massage that uses a combination of massage techniques to restore energy and soothe the body. Also known as the ‘loving hands’ massage, it works gently yet deeply into the muscles with continuous, flowing strokes, allowing the recipient to relax and give in to the nurturing touch. The treatment may be slow and relaxing or faster and invigorating but is generally deep and rhythmical. Unlike any other massage modality, Lomi Lomi massage is performed on the entire body at once. The therapist will use fingers, thumbs, palms, arms, and elbows to make broad flowing strokes which go from head to toe in a continuous, rhythmic movement massaging both the top and the underside of the body.


I have also qualified in traditional Thai foot massage in Chiang Mai, Thailand, but since I first came across Hawaiian massage and healing I have specialized in Lomi lomi. This unique massage technique is the ultimate massage … It is a gentle, flowing, beautifully nurturing and deeply relaxing massage to receive ….. The massage therapist can select oils that are relaxing, energizing, stress-reducing, balancing, etc. Hawaiian Bone washing is an ancient form of therapeutic massage used to aid the process of clearing and releasing “memories/ cherished wounds” along with the corresponding physical and emotional pain.

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Our customers save money and an average of one hour per booking by taking their massage at home. The stretching, pulling, and rocking motions of Thai massage work to relieve tension and enhance flexibility and range of motion for the full body. Pregnancy massage or prenatal massage promotes total relaxation and bonding, soothes nerves, and relieves strained back and tiredness. We offer different types of home massage available on request and delivered to your location in London. Because each therapist has their own set of skills, make sure you select the therapist who can perform the desired massage style. Head Massage is a common term applied to a number of types of massage given to the head and neck.

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This will determine if you have covered the required techniques which need to be included in your level 3 training before you can move onto a more advanced massage course. Without these techniques you would struggle and it would not be safe as those are the foundations and knowledge required to attend a more advanced massage course. Our tutors are like a family unit; they deliver their courses with care and passion and have very high standards when it comes to our training. The course was absolutely amazing- no other words, except every massage therapist should experience this.. Fantastic tutor, and had a beautiful energy, very knowledgeable and heart centered.

As the sun sets, catch a show in one of England’s most iconic venues or head to the streets to experience London’s eclectic nightlife till the early hours. A sports massage is similar to a deep tissue massage, but it is more focused on realigning connective tissue and muscle fibres to remove toxins. Frequent sessions can reduce the risk of injury and boost flexibility. Shiatsu massage therapy focuses on healing your mind, rather than your body, so it is best suited to people who aren’t experiencing any physical problems.

Welcome to Ramos Therapy, this wellness centre in Cardiff that offers a great variety of classic and therapeutic massages as well as facials and other body treatments. EPIC Spa Beauty & Hair is a unisex salon based in Redfield, Bristol. Offering a wide variety of professional beauty services, they provide everything you need to top up your look, from haircuts, styling and colouring to manicures, pedicures, waxing, facials and silk eyelash extensions. Mermaid is a beauty and massage therapy centre located on Seven Dials in Brighton.

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Since he just arrived to London in 2002 I have heard that he has amazing hands. I had experienced different masseurs and technics all around the world, but Jevgenijs is truly one of the best healers. He has a fierce dedication to his practise and is absolutely the best! His touch is deep and precise, offering deep tension relief.

Our courses are fully recognised and accredited making them fully insurable for the therapist to use professionally. The tutor will send you the full directions and times and can also advise on places to stay nearby if required. Please note if your previous training was a weekend massage or day course, this is not a level 3 that’s required and not accepted. This form of full body massage is fairly unique and unlike any other conventional massage. If you feel one day is not enough training, you are able to come back to repeat the course again free of charge within 6 months when spaces are available with the same tutor.


Please use below links to book Lomi Lomi Massage or consult online. Lomi Lomi Massage is one of the most favoured Strictly Roots Beauty Bar & Hair Spa Massage services. Exceptional massage from a friendly and relaxed masseuse. Lomi Lomi massage can be received wherever there is sufficient space.

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I have had an opportunity to compare him with other therapist but Jevgeniy is at a different level. Bethany was very professional and I will definitely be back. Because the therapist works intuitively, a massage may be slow and very relaxing or at times it may be a little faster and therefore more invigorating and awakening to the body. “Warmth and sunshine; spas which take me away to another country; fruit infused waters; beach-worth pedicures; deep tissue massages.” Traditionally, lomi lomi massage is performed with the recipient lying on a hand-woven mat on the floor.

” Jasmine yet again grudgingly agreed to provide the rest of the normal missing elements of the breakfast which she miraculously somehow had in her fridge. Again our stay was marred on leaving by the feeling that we had been short-changed and taken advantage of. If you book here make quite sure you know what you are getting and confirm it in writing.

This unique experience leaves you feeling totally refreshed as your body unconsciously releases physical and emotional tensions. The therapist works gently yet deeply into the muscles with continuous flowing strokes, up and down, under and over the body and enabling the recipient to relax, give in and simply be. This is a full body massage and because of the nature of the long flowing movements it is best advised to remove all clothing.

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A complete Thai massage incorporates a traditional combination of point pressure, energy work, and stretching for an invigorating and balancing experience. Massage therapists use long smooth strokes, kneading, and circular movements on superficial layers of muscle using almond oil. Whether you have a sports related injury or need to relax and unwind after a hard day, Mobile Massages can ensure you’ll leave feeling brand new. Twickenham Lomi Lomi Massage services are offered by incall or outcall Lomi Lomi Massage Therapist Visiting home and hotel. Based on Trip.com user ratings,DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel London – Tower of London, Hard Rock Hotel London and Radisson Blu Edwardian Mercer Street Hotel, Londonare highly rated hotels with gyms.

Consider staying at one of these hotels during your trip. Summer is a great season to take your kids or family on a trip to London.K West Hotel & Spa, Park Plaza County Hall London and Lancaster Gate Hotelare popular hotels with pools. There are also small hotels, but they are very delicate and very clean. To understand Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage, one must have an understanding of the Hawaiian philosophy called Huna, and how the philosophy of Huna relates to bodywork and healing. A lovely soothing treatment for tired and achy legs leaving you feeling rejuvenated and rested.

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We recommend laying a cotton sheet on a large wide comfortable area of bed or flooring, so that you can receive your treatment with lots of space around you. Hotel 41 and Chateau Denmarkare popular hotels in London with barrier-free access. When it comes to business trips, choosing a hotel with convenient transportation links is important to many guests. Hotel Xenia – Autograph Collection, Novotel London Canary Wharf and Leonardo Royal London Tower Bridgehave convenient transportation links and inexpensive prices.